Free Download BackTrack 5 R2 USB Stick Software or Application Full Version For (Windows), Beta, Demo, Java, Web Apps, Mac, Android, iPhone, Tablet, Linux, Ubuntu, Vista, Xp, 7, 8, 8.1, Pc.

BackTrack 5 R2 USB Stick
Create yourself with this program your BackTrack 5 R2 USB stick in 1 minute under Windows itself!
The advantages:
You can get started within minutes immediately

Your existing USB Flash Drive the opportunity to start a program without having to restart Windows

You will need:    

BackTrack 5 R2 32bit GNOME Live CD image or
BackTrack 5 R2 64bit GNOME Live CD image or
BackTrack 5 R2 32bit KDE live CD image or
BackTrack 5 R2 64bit KDE live CD image
USB flash drive with min. 4GB
which we created, 3MB large file USB Installer BackTrack.exe

The preparation: 

Please check before downloading if the required ISO file is available at the link.
insert before the start of the USB installer first to the USB stick to your computer.
beyond the sequence itself is explanatory.
however, should you need help, you can find a detailed guide with pictures.

 BackTrack 5 R2 
can be started in any of-important USB HDD (USB hard drive)-important-bootable computers using x86 processors. There is no installation on the hard disk is required.
With these live stick, you can use your own operating system on any computer with USB HDD support, and therefore surfing the web, email, write texts, of course, save your data directly onto the USB drive and more. Your adjustments to the system such as the installation of additional programs, updates and modifications to the desktop are saved (in persistent mode) automatically.
The BackTrack team on 02/03/2012 uses the version 5 R2 veröffentlicht.Es as under the Ubuntu Linux distribution with kernel 3.2.6 and KDE 4.6 or GNOME 2.6 and now brings with Armitage among others, what is the Metasploit exploit framework that is in the latest version 3.7.0 on board, can be controlled conveniently. Also new is the stealth mode of BackTrack, in which the distribution does not generate any network traffic. The new version has been revamped compared to its predecessor visually, which makes it easier for beginners to get started with the broad security toolbox. Otherwise, the developers have primarily operated version maintenance and brought many of the included security tools up to date.

- NEW - now also start a program in Windows - NEW - 

BackTrack 5 BackTrack 5 KDE KDE
BackTrack 5 GNOME GNOME BackTrack 5

The vulnerability scanners, for example, OpenVAS include a free alternative to Nessus and numerous fuzzer or SMB and SNMP testing tools. Add sniffer come for wireless networks, Bluetooth, RFID and voice over IP. Furthermore, there are analytical tools for various Web applications, such as front ends to MySQL server. Additional tools for intrusion testing or reverse engineer complete the software offer.
The only user, the administrator is set up root. According to the developers, most programs require administrator privileges, so that a simple user is unnecessary. By default BackTrack starts in the console, the GUI with startx enter the command.
At a 4GB USB flash drive you about 900MB available for the data storage and adjustments to the system.
But if you want to test more than just the safety of your own / private network should respect the valid in this country since the beginning of last year, hackers paragraphs. Not everything that is technically possible, remains unpunished too.

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