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Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium - 30-day trial and Full Version Microsoft invites home to one free trial of Windows 7. From trial period you can buy Window 7 Home Premium for sale, and activate the installed system with the appropriate product key.
Windows 7 Home Premium Windows Vista Home Premium releases from the home user version. In addition to numerous improvements under the hood brings Windows 7 Home Premium a significantly revised
Surface. The Windows 7 Home Premium - 30-day trial invites you downloaded as an ISO file. From the ISO file is then generated with the installation DVD burning program.

Referred to in Windows 7 Home Premium superbar taskbar shows open programs to save space only with symbols. Grouped panels of the same software can be recognized by narrow bar right next to the application icon. When crossing the symbols on Windows 7 shows small thumbnails of minimized windows. By right-clicking it directly accesses pane and important program functions.

Window and Gadgets
The previously attached to a sidebar gadget you now moves freely to any place on the desktop. Open windows behave by default differently than before: Taking into Windows 7, a window on one of the side edges, it automatically takes half of the Desktop. If you then click again on the title bar, the program window will appear in the previous size.

Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer can be summed up in certain locations and file types so-called libraries. The virtual folder of Windows 7 Home Premium are some photos, videos and music or Office Doumente.

Additional Programs and Features
The renamed in Action Center Security Center and Account Management have been reorganized and simplified. The redesigned Windows Media Center also brings important codecs like DivX, MOV and MP4 with already. Accessory programs like Paint and Wordpad have been modernized and expanded to include the ribbon interface. On devices with touch screens, you can use Windows 7 Home Premium with multi-touch. Windows 7 Home Premium reads and burns DVDs without additional software.

Differentiation from other versions
Compared to Windows 7 supports Windows 7 Home Premium instead of 2 GB up to 16 GB of memory and is ideal for demanding games and multimedia software. Numerous features such as Multi-Touch, Aero support, support for multiple monitors and DVD are available only in Windows 7 Home Premium is available. The Professional Editions Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise offer additional options and tools.

Windows 7 Home Premium replaces the many users rather critical absorbed Windows Vista Home Premium with a runs faster than its predecessor. Numerous design flaws of Vista have been corrected and added many useful options. As the default system for home use is Windows 7 Home Premium is very good. Lots of great new features to be found but unfortunately only available with Windows 7 Professional upwards. After the installation of Windows 7 Home Premium 30-day tests you should bring the system immediately to Windows Update to the latest version.

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