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iTunes New Attracted Feature 
Free Download iTunes - iTunes iTunes: iTunes revisited, more beautiful, more connected. The iTunes 11 is more than just a music player developed by Apple.
The iTunes 11 is more than just a music player developed by Apple. Jukebox multimedia gateway to the cloud to iCloud or iTunes Match your music, podcast aggregator, strong presence in the iTunes Store: the 11th version of iTunes has also undergone a facelift cosmetic result. It is also essential Apple software to synchronize the contents of your iPhone, iPad or iPod with his music and videos.

iTunes 11, the covers to honor

For this new version of iTunes, Apple teams did not hesitate to revisit in depth graphical interface of this media hub. The sidebar disappears and gives way to a very discreet menu to the left of the screen. One thing is certain: it is closer and more Music app for iPad.

Several views are available in the "Music" menu. The most successful, the "Album" tab, gives pride to CD covers. When you click on one of the pockets of iTunes, the background color changes to better fit the disc jacket. A real success!

We also discover the new iTunes Mini Player, a small bar where playing shows all important information. Another good point which greatly facilitates daily use: it is now possible to select a song and play it after the current one.

Ping passes control to Facebook

Ping was one of the biggest flops in the history of Apple. Today, the Apple brand renews the social networking experience but this time in alliance with Facebook. From your account, it is now possible to see how many of your friends "Like" the new album from Alicia Keys.

Increasingly connected to the App Store, iTunes 11 gives the counters regarding social sharing and opens its doors to giant Facebook. More an update, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the GUI.

New user-friendly interface

Connected to Facebook, the social network
Sync iPod, iPad and iPhone
Access to the Apple AppStore and its music and video content


Tedious installation
Software "gas factory"
Support audio formats limited

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